CloudCamp 2013 … Nurses On Demand and the Police State

Well that’s CloudCamp 2013 London done and dusted and it was quite an evening.  There were some really interesting presentations, including on fantastic presentation on why the regulation and data protection world just isn’t fit for purpose from Kuan Hon….. and only one presenter got red-carded for delivering a pitch, well in reality he slowly sunk into a pitch starting out so well, and by a few slides in was saying ‘We can do this and that with our software’ presenting sides about the ‘Hitachi Content Platform’ – probably an interesting capability, but certainly a pitch rather than informative discussion

Joe Baguley then hosted a great panel session, which discussed a range of topics, yours truly (getting frustrated with very teccie discussions) decided to ask “So how would you explain why a CFO should care about any of this” … which caused a deathly silence across almost all of the panel.  The cabinet office replied saying that it would mean more spending on police ‘Excellent said Joe…. so we’ll get a police state… maybe you should have suggested more nurses’….. ‘Nurses on Demand’ came a heckle from the audience !  My colleague Ceri Carlill on the panel answered with “because by doing this you’ll free up money you are currently doing IT, to spend it doing your business”… simplez !

Anyway, the presentation is now on my Publications and Presentations page, a big ‘hello’ to all those who came along (and those who said they came to see me)…. and hopefully se you again soon !

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